AZS Wilkasy Physical Rehabilitation Center & SPA

AZS Wilkasy Physical Rehabilitation Center & SPA

  • · systemic cryotherapy in a cryochamber
  • · hydrotherapy - hydromassage and jet showers
  • · electrotherapy
  • · phototherapy
  • · magnetic field therapy
  • · therapeutic ultrasound
  • · low-level laser therapy (LLLT)
  • · manual massage
  • · manual lymphatic drainage
  • · pressure point therapy - compression therapy
  • · a SPA tub with hydromassage and a counter current unit
  • · Finnish sauna (dry) and Turkish bath (humid)
  • · a gym and a fitness studio: a treadmill, stationary bicycles, automatic ergometers

SPA treatments in our Center.

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A rich offer of massages and SPA treatments.

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Rehabilitation, recreational and sports treatments.

SPA Center

In the therapeutic facilities, besides the treatment space with separate, specialized rooms, there are also a gym and a fitness studio

We will take care of your whole body!

Check what waits for you in our Center

In Wilkasy Physical Rehabilitation Center & SPA,
within medical rehabilitation, we offer:

  • a studio with gym ladders and balls,
  • uthe Pragma device for mechanotherapy using elastic resistance training,
  • the kinesitherapy cabin (UGUL)
    utilizing slings, weights and blocks,
  • stationary bikes,
  • treadmills and orbitreks.
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A complete and experienced personnel have at their disposal modern equipment enabling a full scope of physiotherapy: from electrotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound, topical and systemic cryotherapy through limbs’ whirl massage in tubs, to phototherapy and compression therapy.


We are registered with the rehabilitation shifts'
organizers number OR/28/0005/11, in which disabled persons who use co-financing from PFRON’s funds participate.

Physical Rehabilitation Center & SPA has back-up SPA facilities at its disposal, which include:
  • A dry sauna (Finnish),
  • Turkish bath,
  • a SPA tub with hydromassage and a counter current unit,
  • a jacuzzi hot tub.
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Besides other wellness treatments, massages and irradiations, hydromassage is our specialty. It’s a particularly healthy method of lifting your spirits and improving your general well-being, not requiring any physical strain.

Exercise enthusiasts are welcome to use a complex of tennis courts and playing fields, among others:

  • an indoor sports hall – a heated year-round facility,
  • a lawn tennis court with artificial grass - a heated yearround facility,
  • outdoor tennis courts
  • a football field paved with artificial grass
  • a lighted beach volleyball and basketball field
  • a sports hall with martial arts mats and a fitness studio.

You have at your disposal a modern fitness studio and a gym equipped with professional machines.

Depending on your individual needs and expectations, we can offer you exercises improving your physical fitness, reducing
fat tissue (slimming) or increasing muscle mass.

A wide range of equipment will allow you to exercise selected muscle parts.

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